Education and Practice in One

We educate new generation of specialists in electrotechnology and engineering in both full-time and evening studies.

Od 11. 5. 2020 bude probíhat výuka závěrečných ročníků dle nových rozvrhů, které najdete v systému bakaláři. Více informací vám podají třídní učitelé. 

Na základě mimořádného opatření ministerstva zdravotnictví ze dne 10. 3. 2020 se od 11. 3. 2020 do odvolání dočasně uzavírají prostory školy. Výuka bude probíhat formou e-learningu. Sledujte naše stránky a facebook pro více informací.


Mimořádné opatření ke stažení zde:

A 60-year tradition in teaching technical professions

A 60-year tradition in teaching technical professions

Excellent conditions for a high-quality education of technicians and future craftsmen.

We have prepared more than 4 000 specialists for their future jobs particularly in electrotechnology and engineering. Total capacity of our school is 640 students including up to 100 students with special educational needs. Throughout the educational process we consequently integrate activities of all fields of study.

The school establisher, MESIT holding, a.s. enables to provide the students real practical training in first-rate departments in its daughter companies (MESIT aerospace, MESIT machining, MESIT foundry, MESIT defence, MESIT & RODERS). Other major companies in the region are our partners in education as well.


We are open to the world and to new work styles

We are open to the world and to new work styles

We cooperate with partners from abroad

We participate in projects supporting language and technical skills.

Following our credo about education closely interconnected with practice we focus on improving the educational process in technical fields of study and their popularisation.

We try to increase the prestige of technical professions and crafts with the younger generation.